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Gunner Protection Kits and Turrets


Because of CIMA's strong background with military contract jobs and packaging/crating armor kits, the company was selected to package certain components of the Turret Control System line of product for selected military vehicles (GPK, O-GPK and BPMTU).


The GPK (gunner protection kit) and O-GPK (objective gunner protection kit) are products to help protect gunners operating certain military tactical vehicles such as the HMMWV (aka HUMVEE).  A BPMTU (Battery Operated Motorized Traversing Unit) is part of the Turret Control System line of products.   Together, these products have been used to “up armor” certain military tactical vehicles and provide improved gunner protection and versatility with greater turret mobility.

CIMA has packaged many of these kits to support “up armoring” initiatives.

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