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Gunner Protection Kits and Turrets


CIMA's comprehensive knowledge in military contract jobs and our exceptional capabilities in packaging and crating armor kits have positioned our company as the trusted choice for the critical mission of packaging specific components within the Turret Control System product line. This significant endeavor encompasses selected military vehicles, among which are GPK, O-GPK, and BPMTU.

The GPK (gunner protection kit) and O-GPK (objective gunner protection kit) serve as vital solutions for enhancing the safety of gunners operating various military tactical vehicles, such as the HMMWV (aka HUMVEE). The BPMTU (Battery Operated Motorized Traversing Unit) is a key component of the Turret Control System product line. Collectively, these products have been instrumental in 'up-armoring' certain military tactical vehicles, significantly improving gunner protection and enhancing turret mobility.

CIMA has played an essential role in packaging numerous kits to support these 'up-armoring' initiatives. Our dedication to quality and precision ensures that these critical components reach their intended destinations, contributing to the overall safety and effectiveness of military operations.

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