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Commercial Custom Packaging and Crating

Commercial customers call on CIMA to create packaging solutions to protect parts and products and prevent damages during shipping.  CIMA protects while ensuring the part looks good when delivered.

Following is a representative example of a job completed by CIMA.  The customer needed to ship coiled steel overseas in a manner that prevented exposure to moisture and the resultant corrosion that would occur from such moisture exposure.

CIMA created a solution that involved enclosing the coiled steel in moisture-proof protective packaging and placing the wrapped coil into a container that was also lined with moisture-proof material.  The result: the customer in Asia was very happy with the product upon delivery.  The packaging solution prevented any corrosion to the coiled steel.



Lined Container

Coiled Wire in Protective Material

Wrapped Coiled Wire Placed in Lined Container

Finished Container Ready to Ship

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