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Commercial Custom Packaging and Crating

CIMA is the go-to choice for commercial customers seeking expert packaging solutions that protect parts and products, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. Our focus extends beyond protection; we also prioritize the product's appearance upon delivery.

Here's a prime example of CIMA's capabilities: A customer required overseas shipping of coiled steel, with the imperative to prevent moisture exposure and the ensuing corrosion. CIMA devised a tailored solution, enclosing the coiled steel in moisture-proof protective packaging and placing it within a container lined with moisture-proof material. The outcome was a delighted customer in Asia who received a product free from any corrosion. This exemplifies our commitment to delivering effective packaging solutions that protect your products and ensure their quality throughout the shipping process.

Lined Container

Wrapped Coiled Wire Placed in Lined Container

Coiled Wire in Protective Material

Finished Container Ready to Ship

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