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Quality Standards

Quality Policy


CIMA Packaging, a division of Wulco, Inc. is committed to:

  • Having satisfied customers by giving them the best product, on time and at a reasonable price

  • Working within the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and our customers’ specifications

  • Providing a safe working environment for employees with the tools to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently, and

  • Continually striving to improve all phases of our business



ISPM 15 Compliance at CIMA: Ensuring Safe International Shipments

ISPM 15, or International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, is a globally recognized standard designed to bolster the compliance of wood packaging materials in international product shipments. Its primary objective is to curb the global spread of plant-threatening diseases and insects. This measure mandates rigorous protocols such as debarking, heat treatment, or methyl bromide fumigation, and necessitates the application of a "wheat stamp" for identification.

CIMA proudly complies with ISPM 15 standards, ensuring our wood packaging meets the highest international requirements for disease and pest prevention. Our commitment to ISPM 15 compliance guarantees safe and eco-friendly international trade for our clients

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