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 Custom Packaging Solution Partner 


A Leader In Custom Crates and Pallets Production

At CIMA, we take  pride in our role as a consistent and dependable partner, offering an extensive array of services to facilitate the growth of your production and shipping capabilities. Our product assembly and packing production services are meticulously designed to support the seamless expansion of your operations while meeting the growing demands of your customer base.

Whether you require individualized services or are in search of a comprehensive end-to-end solution, CIMA has you covered. We oversee the complete product life cycle, from product assembly to packaging design and construction, and ultimately, product packing for secure shipment. This commitment to excellence is embedded in our division's mission, as CIMA Packaging, a part of Wulco, Inc., is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering top-quality products punctually and at competitive prices. We strictly adhere to ISO 9001:2015 standards and your unique specifications, while constantly striving for the improvement of all facets of our business.

Our Process


First, we work with you to fully understand the parameters and problem that needs to be solved.


Combining the information gathered and our industry experience we work with you to design a solution.


Whether it is a process to assemble product or build a custom container, our team works for you based on the agreed design.


With a long-term partnership approach in mind we continuously work with you to evaluate and improve processes and products to ensure you and your end customers succeed. 

Yes, we can build that.


Since our inception in 1993, CIMA has been dedicated to providing custom packaging and crating solutions for our valued commercial and military contractor customers.

Our clients rely on CIMA for cutting-edge packaging solutions designed to safeguard their valuable parts and products, ultimately reducing the risks of in-transit damages.

Utilizing our time-tested methodology, the CIMA team is committed to evaluating and crafting the ideal solution for your unique needs.

Tailored design, build, pack.


Contrary to the old saying, one size DOES NOT fit all.  Too often, companies treat the packaging of unique parts and products as an afterthought. At CIMA, it's our primary focus.

Since the company's inception, CIMA has recognized the importance of a customized approach. We design packaging solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each part, rather than forcing the part into a generic packaging solution.

CIMA offers comprehensive turnkey solutions, handling everything from packaging design to construction and packing, ensuring that every step of the process aligns with your specific needs.

Protecting your product.


A tailored solution designed specifically for your part or product is a key factor in reducing the risk of expensive damage and returns while enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

At CIMA, our clients consistently rely on us to design and construct packaging that provides reliable protection, whether safeguarding products during transit, preserving painted finishes, or addressing a wide array of specific requirements, we have you covered. 

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