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Production, Packaging, and On-Demand Warehousing Solution Partner 


Full-Service Product Inventory, Assembly, and Packing Services

Custom Crates and Pallets

Flexible Short- and Long-term Warehouse and Production Space Leasing

At CIMA we take pride in being a consistent and dependable partner providing services to help expand your production and shipping capabilities.  Our product inventory, assembly, and packing services help you quickly and seamlessly expand operations to meet increasing customer demands while our custom packaging solutions ensure your product ships safely and cost-efficiently reducing transportation and damage related costs.  We can provide individual services or manage your whole product life cycle from product inventory management > product assembly > packaging design and build > product packing for shipment.  With 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, we also provide flexible space lease packages so you can easily expand operations without investment in new construction or long-term lease agreements.

Our Process


First, we work with you to fully understand the parameters and problem that needs to be solved.


Combining the information gathered and our industry experience we work with you to design a solution.


Whether it is a process to assemble product or build a custom container, our team works for you based on the agreed design.


With a long-term partnership approach in mind we continuously work with you to evaluate and improve processes and products to ensure you and your end customers succeed. 

Yes, we can build that.


Founded in 1993, CIMA is focused on the design and construction of customized packaging and crating solutions for commercial and military contractor customers.

Customers come to CIMA for innovative packaging solutions to protect parts and products and reduce in-transit damages.

Using our proven methodology, the CIMA team will assess and design the right solution for you.


Protecting your product.


A solution built specifically for the part or product helps minimize the chances of costly damage and returns and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Customers call on CIMA regularly to create packaging to protect products from damages incurred in transit to the part itself or painted finishes.

Tailored design, build, pack.


Counter to the old saying, one size DOES NOT fit all.  Too often, companies treat the packaging of unique parts and products as an afterthought. At CIMA, it's our focus.

Since the company's inception, CIMA has understood the need for a customized approach, creating a packaging solution specifically for the part, rather than forcing the part into a generic packaging solution.

CIMA provides turnkey solutions from packaging design through construction and packing.


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